Sunday, March 16, 2014

Create bootable USB driver for AIX / VIOS installation

Are rarely use the USB port on a POWER server?

The below is an example on how we can make use of an USB driver to AIX/VIOS OS installation.

First of all, we need to prepare an USB driver (Sandisk, Lenovo or Kingston). I used a 8GB Sandisk in my example.

- Prepare the bootable USB driver.
1. An AIX support USB driver. Ensure the USB port has been assigned to the AIX.

2. Insert the USB driver and list the usb devices
"lsdev | grep -i usb"

3. Insert the CD (vios 2.2.3 disk#1) and copy the data from cd to usb driver
"dd if=/dev/cd0 of=/dev/usbms0 bs=4096k " and wait for a while...

After the dd command completed, the bootable usb driver is ready to use.

- Use the bootable USB driver to install AIX / VIOS
1. Start up the LPAR and boot into SMS.
select  "Select Boot Options" -> "Select Install/Boot Device" -> "List all Devices"
This USB driver shows the VIOS 2.2.3 disk#1. Select this device to boot. The installation of VIOS will be started (Same as using CD).

Enjoy with your USB driver on AIX.

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